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Finely Crafted Leather Jackets & More

Based in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, Pocono Mountain Leather Company has a wide variety of T-shirts and leather jackets. As with our saddlebags, returns can be made in the case of defects and need to be returned to our retail locations. No cash refunds are given, but we do offer store credit and replacements for manufacturer's defects.

Different Types of Jackets

Heavy-Duty Jackets

Find a full line of leather jackets from brand names that are known for their quality craftsmanship, durability, and low costs. Leather jackets range from $99.00 to $299.00, while jackets made of Cordura are just $59.00 to $125.00. You'll also find a selection of nostalgic jackets with styles straight out of the 1950s, all at the same low prices. Prices depend on the cut and leather quality, as well as the brand name. Choose from one of the following trusted brands:

• Interstate
• Milwaukee™
• Shaf™
• Hot Leathers
• Vance
• Leather Gallery™
• Jim Leather Incorporated™
• Unique International™
• Zony™


 We have a complete line of vests for men and women from brands like Milwaukee, Vance, and Genuine Leather. This includes multiple styles, like collared vests, V cuts, and both laced and unlaced varieties. Prices vary from $59.00 to $160.00 depending on the size and quality.

For functionality, you can't beat our concealed carry vests, with styles for men and women, as well as dual-handed versions. Our collared club vests with three-piece patches are our most popular style, and customers love that our vests meet motorcycle club requirements.

Event T-Shirts & Apparel

We are the home of the $5.00 motorcycle event T-shirt! Don't pay $20 or more for a shirt at the event itself when Pocono Mountain Leather Company buys them in bulk. If you are looking to spend a little more, browse our other casual apparel, with nothing exceeding $35. Items include:

• Men's T-Shirts
• Men's Long-Sleeve Shirts
• Denim Cut-Offs
• Event Shirts
• Women's Shorts
• Women's Tank Tops
• Hoodies
• Lady's Button down Shirts
• Men's and Women's Riding Boots

T-Shirts and Jackets
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